Down at Heel


Only a friend would tell you that those boots were “made for walking”. Time to say bye bye, booties.
But wait! There is hope! Before you ditch ’em, stitch ’em—or let the staff at Quick Cobbler do whatever else it takes to bring your boots back to new.

Heel broken? There’s hardly a model they can’t fix or replace. A bit uncomfortable? They’ll stretch them, or design an insert. They can even shorten your boots, so you can go from thigh-high (we won’t ask!) to ankle-top, just like that.

Located at 430 West 2nd St. in Vancouver, Quick Cobbler is the next-door neighbour to Sensational Suppers (errand efficiency at its finest). To judge from their commitment to quality, this is a sole-ful company indeed. Owner Ronald Nijdam is a third-generation Dutch cobbler, and that old-time craftsmanship shines through. But there’s nothing dated about the high-tech equipment you’ll find at the Quick Cobbler.

Ronald can rebuild your Birkenstocks, replace broken zippers, gussets and buckles, accommodate orthopaedic needs and restore all your family footwear, from tap-dance to rock climbing shoes and everything in between. And fret not—you won’t be throwing good money after bad. Staff cobbler Ian Jackson says he won’t let customers spend more than their shoes are worth, “no matter how much they kick and scream.”

At the Quick Cobbler, customers are reminded that leather is an organic material that needs nurturing—just like our own skin. But with no time to find grandpa’s shoe kit, we discovered two great solutions available there to give your footwear the split-second TLC it needs to keep it looking boot-iful.

Lexol’s Quick-Wipes (inspired by baby wipes, of course) clean and condition your shoes, purse etc. with just a few swipes, while the Woly Instant Polish blocks add colour and shine in one easy step.

The sun was fun this fall but we knew we’d have to pay the piper some time—and that time is nigh.

So put your best foot forward and get your family’s feet ready for slick streets and cold sleet.

Quick Cobbler
430 West 2nd St., Vancouver
(604) 682-6354
(800) 775-5811


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