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Dear Reader:

Thanks so much for the great book ideas last week. We devoured a few of them over the long weekend, and we’re thinking about getting a Manny ourselves.

To show our appreciation, we did a little digging around to answer your question about good reads for kids. Even kids need a good escape in the summer, so our picks are full of great imaginary stories and zany adventures that also celebrate and encourage a love of reading.

Let’s just say we LOVE I Love My Little Storybook by Anita Jeram, of Guess How Much I Love You fame. A beautifully illustrated story that inspires a love of books, it tells of the imaginary adventures of a little bunny who discovers a world of magic forests and lakes, gentle lions, and stomping giants through the pages of his storybook. (Ages 2 – 5)

imageThis brand new book, I’d Really Like to Eat a Child, by French author Sylviane Donnio (a mother of three) tells the tale of a scrawny little alligator named Achilles who, tiring of the food his mother prepares for his breakfast, sets off on his own little adventure to find a child to eat. But when the child he finds picks him up and tickles his tummy instead of being afraid of him, he realizes that he better listen to his mother and eat more so he can grow up to be big and strong. (Ages 3 – 6)

imageChronicling her third adventure with her brother Sam, Stella: Fairy of the Forest (by Marie-Louise Gay) exposes young readers to magic of the forest. From butterflies to rocks, Sam’s got lots of curious little brother questions about everything, and Stella answers them all as they make their way to their very own fort in the forest. And, setting a great example for siblings everywhere, they never fight once! (Ages 2 – 6)


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