Drive-in Around


Summer lovin’ had me a bla–hastSummer lovin’ happened so fa–hast

So maybe you’re not Sandy and Danny sitting in the red convertible under the stars watching a flick at the local drive in, but you can still enjoy a blast from the pa-hast this summer.

How? Go to a drive-in. We found a few close by and even more locations scattered around Ontario that might be on your route map this summer.

Bring the baby, the older kids and even the dog. You can nurse the baby in comfort, get the older children cozy in their jammies and you save on babysitting.

We checked out the largest outdoor movie screen in Canada at The Docks—located right downtown on the Toronto waterfront. On Friday, Saturday and Sunday nights you can watch a double feature under the stars. The parking lot doubles up as a driving range for golfers during the day and at night holds up to 500 cars. On a busy night though, you will probably find about 150-200 cars which means there is plenty of room to get a good parking spot, you don’t need to arrive too early and if you only want to watch the first movie, there is enough room to maneuver the car out and get the kids home.


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