PartySavvy: A Birthday Baking Party

SavvyMom January 10, 2017

Grab your mixing spoons, measuring cups and apron, it’s time to throw a Birthday Baking Party. We have the perfect recipe right here, with all the ingredients, loot, food, decor and activities you’ll need.

Baker's Delight Birthday Cake

It’s all about the sweets when it comes to baking, so impress your guests with this Baker’s Delight Birthday Cake and the kids will love digging into these Sprinkle Cupcakes in a Jar. But everything you make doesn’t need to be complicated. This super easy-to-make Fairy Bread will have everyone flying high.

Birthday Cake Sandwich
Serve up the unexpected with slices of this Birthday Cake Sandwich and a Mini Cheddar Herb Quiche. For something that looks great but is simple and quick, pass around a platter of Salad on a Stick.

Keep the decor light and fluffy with colours like pink, blue and white, and everyone will agree it’s a spectacular sight.

Baking Birthday Party Decor
Kids benefit from a fun lesson now and then, so keep the activities along the same baking theme and teach them how to make the Fairy Bread and Sprinkle Cupcakes in a Jar. Add in a lesson on Icing and Decorating a Mini Birthday Cake and surely they’ll develop a taste for baking.

Toss in a dusting of baking-inspired loot to nurture their inner chef.

The icing on the cake is that we have this birthday celebration all planned out for you in our Birthday Baking Party.

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