Perfect Memories


We tell our kids we have eyes at the back of our heads (so we don’t miss a beat) but secretly we’re terrified of missing anything—from the important milestones (walking, riding a bike) to the simple pleasures like capturing a butterfly. These aren’t just events, they’re photo-ops, because we want to capture each treasured moment forever.
Our friends at Fujifilm know this (they’re called the Fuji Guys), and they are determined to help us capture the perfect image. These guys are equipped with the right tools and tips to make sure you record all your important family memories properly.

Now about those tools…Fujifilm’s new line-up of compact digital cameras is designed to make every moment count by capturing keepsake images that moms will be proud to share for years to come.

XP20The shockproof, waterproof, freezeproof and mudproof XP20 is the ideal camera no matter the situation or activity. Stylishly designed and suitable for the entire family, the XP20 will easily stand up to sticky moments and life’s real adventures, bringing peace of mind to moms that memories—and the camera—will last.
FinePix S2950
For the mom with active kids, the FinePix S2950 is a professional-looking Superzoom digital camera with an 18x, 28mm wide angle optical zoom. Features include an electronic viewfinder and 8 frames per second high-speed shooting. The S2950 also allows mom to tag photos in-camera for quick and easy upload to Facebook so she can share all her pictures instantly.

Now that you have the tools, you need the know-how. That’s where the Fuji Guys come in. SavvyMom readers can ask the expert Fuji Guys any photography question and be entered to win one of two new Fujifilm cameras—the waterproof/shockproof XP20 or the powerful 18x zoom S2950.

So don’t be shy, send in your questions to the Fuji Guys to enter the contest—but remember that the real prizes are the expert answers from the Fuji Guys.


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