Pick of the Week: Robot and Dinosaur Buckwheat Pillows


When it comes to mom and baby gear, even though I’m out of the baby stage, I love, love, love the stuff. Give me a new baby product to ooo and ahhh over and I’m a happy gal.

So when I got my hands on these buckwheat pillows from Robot & Dinosaur, I was all weirdly excited and giddy. To the casual observer, they’re just pillows. Filled with buckwheat. But to the lover of baby gear, they’re a cute, neat, handy little product that new moms and moms-of-toddlers are sure to love.

Robot and Dinosaur was founded by two moms looking for buckwheat pillows for their kids and for themselves. Apparently, buckwheat hulls (the stuffing inside these pillows) are a natural and sustainable option for pillows, they mold and shape to your head and neck perfectly, are breathable, don’t attract mites or bugs, can be hypoallergenic, and are durable and environmentally friendly.

The pillows come in two varieties: a child pillow (meant for kids age 3 and up), perfect for toddlers transitioning to a bed and interested in a pillow for the first time—and a mom pillow, perfect as a pregnancy, breastfeeding, and body pillow.

I will admit, these are an investment, as they’re not cheap. The child pillow is $45 plus tax, and the mom pillow is $75 plus tax, but I think they make for a great registry gift or a good investment that will last a long time.

Both pillows, in multiple designs, can be found and purchased on robotanddino.com


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