Pick of the Week: The Customer at Table 5

The Customer At Table 5

When Holly Lynden reads bedtime stories to her two sons, she, like most parents, can’t help but view her kids’ books critically.

“You think, gee, this one is really good and, wow, this one is terrible and why does my kid choose it EVERY SINGLE NIGHT?” Lynden said.

So, she thought it would be fun to write one herself. And then one night, as she was lying beside her 3-year-old, the idea came to her: A chinchilla.

The Customer At Table 5 started out as a humorous book, but in the end, some more valuable themes took shape. It’s now a story about being proud of who you are and loving what makes you different and unique. It’s about not letting others pigeon-hole you (can a chinchilla be pigeon-holed?) into a category, or allowing others to make choices for you based on what they think.

We love this book because the themes of self-esteem and a positive body image are mixed in with humour and packaged up in bright, colourful pictures. Perfect for kids age 3 – 8, this book is an enjoyable read that leaves you with the subtle but deeper message of embracing one’s whole self.

The Customer At Table 5 is available at amazon.ca for $19.



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