Pick of the Week: MadeGood Granola Bars

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At my kids’ school, each classroom has something called a “Healthy Snack Bin”. The idea is that if there’s a kid who doesn’t have enough food for lunch, or if they’re still hungry after eating what they’ve been given, they can supplement with a snack from the bin.

I recently discovered that my children covet the healthy snack bin.

Even though I give them what I think is a ton of food in their lunches, they still gobble it all up, just so they can grab a little something extra from the bin. There are a few reasons why I think this happens.

1. The healthy snack bin contains packaged foods (for obvious reasons) and we don’t tend to buy a ton of those for lunches. So, it’s new and different. My kids like that.

2. Every kid is obsessed with the bin. So, my little lemmings are just falling into line.

Whatever the reason, I decided that maybe I should grab a few packaged ‘treats’ for their lunches so they don’t feel like poor deprived children who need to grab snacks at school when we’re quite capable of providing them for our kids.

That’s when I came across MadeGood snacks. And they’ve quickly become a HUGE favourite in our house.

My kids love granola bars. Especially the ones with chocolate chips. MadeGood granola bars come in chocolate chip, chocolate banana, apple cinnamon, mixed berry and strawberry. And they’re organic, nut-free, vegan, made with whole grains and contain a vegetable powder made from spinach, broccoli, carrots, tomatoes, beets and shitake mushrooms. Not too shabby for a treat my kids equate with little chocolate bars! Plus, they love the crispy squares and granola minis, too.

You can find MadeGood at most grocery stores—and they’re available at Costco, too. Bonus!

Find more info here: madegoodfoods.ca



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