Pix for Mom

You know how it goes—“a picture says a thousand words” (although at SavvyMom, we try really hard to keep it short).

All moms love pictures, especially ones of their own perfect angels. So, for Mother’s Day, we’ve discovered some great, photo-related gift ideas at a range of price points. Each provides a way to bring your favourite pictures into different aspects of your life, because we know you’re not sitting around flipping through albums much these days (let alone have those pictures in albums).

imageTurn your loved ones into works of art with Pop Art Portraits from Toronto Pop Art. Toronto-based artists and moms Claire Redden and Peggy McEwen take your favourite photos and turn them into pop art treasures to enjoy forever. Simply send your photos to them (head and shoulder shots work best) at torontopopart.com and they’ll transform them into art even better than Andy Warhol’s (from $235).


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