Protect Your Child


Thousands of children in Canada are diagnosed with an allergy or medical condition that puts them at risk every day.
Asthma and allergies to bee or wasp stings are just a few examples of seasonal conditions that affect thousands of Canadian boys and girls. For parents, friends and family members, this reality is stressful and concerning. But there are safeguards available that help protect kids.

MedicAlert is one such service. Parents can depend on MedicAlert to be their child’€™s voice in an emergency so that they are always protected, even when parents or caregivers are not with them.

You’€™re likely familiar with the MedicAlert silver bracelets worn by individuals with a medical condition. But MedicAlert is so much more than that’€”it’€™s actually a membership’€”and the bracelet is proof of that membership. It’€™s an exclusive club, but by no means is it secret. In fact, it’€™s quite the opposite. Public awareness of this membership could save a child’€™s life.

And for a limited time, receive free registration when you use the exclusive code SAVMAY12N.

Some of the unique lifesaving benefits offered through membership include:

  • A comprehensive electronic medical profile with unlimited updates
  • A 24-hour Emergency Hotline staffed with medically trained specialists available in 140+ languages’€”ready to provide your child’€™s critical information within seconds
  • Family/emergency contact notification immediately after the hotline is called
  • Follow-up with you after the 24-hour Emergency Hotline is contacted
  • A wallet card with your child’€™s emergency contacts and health information
  • Access to your child’€™s electronic medical profile anytime, anywhere

MedicAlert isn’€™t reserved just for the sick and elderly. It can protect every child in Canada who has allergies, asthma, or other medical needs.

We all have someone close to us with allergies or a serious medical condition. Making their voice heard sometimes takes some shouting from the rooftops. Make sure they are protected with MedicAlert.


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