Pulled Pork is Cool

Our brilliant food editor Jan says, 'when in doubt, make pulled pork.' To which we say, 'Yes, Chef!'. Even a good-quality piece of pork shoulder is fairly inexpensive, making it a great budget-friendly meat, and the leftovers make fab lunches.
Mexican Pulled Pork

Our fourth edition of EatSavvy went out again this month with yummy recipes, fabulous seasonal ingredients and another hilarious and always fun food shoot. By far the most fun of doing EatSavvy is shoot day, when Holly Sisson, (photographer extraordinaire) and Trevor Bond, (trendy artist and savvy stylist) come to my home kitchen. Denise Smith (savvy Food Editor) and I prepare the food all day, they “style and shoot” the food and then after shopping, chopping and schlepping all morning we finally sit down and enjoy the fruits of our labour (literally). This month trendy Trevor wasn’t so sure he would like food cooked from a Crock Pot but we turned him around to our savvy ways (namely our cooking) and he is converted.
This week we pulled pork cooked in the slow cooker. Yum. Kids love it because it’s juicy and not chewy. Moms love it because it’s simple and SO easy and versatile. Can’t wait to see what Denise comes up with next month.


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