Purging Tips to Declutter for Fall

Purging Tips to Declutter for Fall - SavvyMom
Mother and daughter sorting out clothes in boxes to donate at home

Experts say that it takes 40 per cent less time to clean a clutter-free home. Yes, 40 per cent! Now, more than ever, we’re motivated to streamline, simplify, and organize.

We asked Pauline Martens, mother of two girls, interior decorator, home organizer, and house stager, for her purging tips and what she recommends we do to help get ready for the fall, now that it’s time to think about putting away the bathing suits and all.

Tips for Purging the Clutter in Your Home

Purging Tips for Your Bedroom

  • Attack the clothes closets first. Clean closets give us extra space for all those bulky wool sweaters. What’s more, a fall cleanout comes just in time for the holiday season when all kinds of new stuff finds its way into the house. So rotate seasonal clothing—put the sundresses and sandals into an airtight box downstairs or under the bed, and organize the winter clothes by colour and type—pants with pants, blouses with blouses, etc.
  • Ditch old underwear and mismatched socks. If there is nothing left, you might need some new ones
  • The Canadian Diabetes Association offers a pickup service for donated clothing. Give them a call and get your old stuff out of your hair right away!

Purging Tips for Kid’s Rooms

Be ruthless—as Pauline says: “If I didn’t have kids, I’d be a minimalist.” Donate clothing the kids have outgrown. If (by some miracle) the clothes are in good shape, drop them off at a consignment shop.

Neglected toys filling up the toybox? Steal them away and store them in the basement for a few months. If the kids don’t ask for them, they’re next to go. Those can be donated to select places.


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