Sans the Guilt

Not So Savvy:
Tell a child that food is healthy or “good for you” with the belief that it will provide incentive to eat.

Feed a child healthy food disguised as their favourite treat and everyone is happy.

Can you say ‘Pizza and cookies for dinner’?

imageThe new line of fresh-ground organic grain baking mixes from Grainstorm can help you channel your inner domestic goddess and produce yummy and seriously healthy cookies for Jack and Jill with less time and less mess.

What’s better about fresh ground grains? It turns out that whole grains go stale very quickly once ground into flour—so the taste is often disguised by adding lots of sugar. Grainstorm cookies deliver sweet grainy flavours using 50-70% less sugar. All you have to do is add your own wholesome ingredients to the mix like eggs, yogurt, olive oil and butter. With one bowl, a couple of utensils and very little fuss, you can get a batch in the oven in way under 10 minutes. Make them up plain or add your favorite goodies like raisins, nuts or chocolate chips (recipe tips available).

Another treat—they are available to order online from the comfort of your own kitchen.

imageUnfortunately, cookies do not a meal make. So when we give toddlers a CHOICE of what they would like for dinner (rookie parent mistake often made by seasoned vets too) we can smile (smugly) when serving the Life Choices line of mini pizzas. Life Choices offers a better mini pizza choice for us all.

Trans fat, preservative and additive free, with a seven whole grain organic crust and organic tomatoes and spices, these pizzas kick up the health factor a serious notch. Available in Cheese flavour and the savvy fave, Betteroni (real meat, no added nitrates, they’re not even allowed to call it pepperoni), they are nut and soy free complete with lots of calcium and fibre. You won’t have to search for them either —they are widely available at traditional and organic grocers.

So you can lose the guilt when it comes to serving the kids their favourites. It turns out that good things do come in packages.

Now, that’s a treat for mom.


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