Santa’s Scout

Encourage a lot more ‘nice' this year with the help of this little Elf on the Shelf. He really can help.

Right about now is when it starts to happen: the all important tally of who’s been naughty and who’s been nice.
So in an effort to help the big guy out with this massive accounting exercise, we’re welcoming a new family tradition into our house this year, The Elf on the Shelf. Now our very own ‘scout elf’ can assess the kids’ behaviour, find out what they really want for Christmas and report back his findings to the rest of the team in Santa’s Workshop.

The Elf on the Shelf is a little elf doll that comes packaged with a beautifully illustrated hardcover book that tells children the story of how the elf comes to watch over them in the weeks leading up to Christmas Eve. Each morning he appears in a new part of the house having returned from his regular nightly visit to the North Pole to file his report (spoiler alert: adults really move him around to a new spot every night). Kids will excitedly race out of bed trying to find him in his new location every morning. And if he helps them remember to be on better behavior in these crazy weeks, who are we to complain?

To keep the magic alive, children are allowed to talk to the elf and share their secret gift wishes, but they cannot touch him. The night before Christmas, the elf returns to the North Pole until the next year.

The creation of a mom and daughter team who are both mothers and former teachers, the Elf on the Shelf tradition was part of their family for years. And even if you don’t want your very own elf, the website offers some delightful holiday activities such as exploring Santa’s workshop, an animated 3-D North Pole that kids will love and lots of holiday-themed games. Try decorating a cookie for Santa in Mrs. Claus’ kitchen. You can even register your elf’s name on the site and receive a special note from Santa.

So elf yourself this year. Santa and his elves are on our side, after all.

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