The Right Kind of Change


As if the name is not compelling enough, Moms Against Climate Change , an initiative dedicated to creating a greener Canada for our kids, has produced an amazing video all moms should watch.
But they didn’t make it just for us moms. Their end game is to make Stephen Harper watch it so he’ll be reminded of just who he is representing at the UN Summit on climate change next month in Copenhagen. It’s our kids who bear the risks of the actions adults today are making, after all.

To get his attention, Moms Against Climate Change needs your help. It’s an easy three-step process but the result is genius in its simplicity.

Here’s what you do:

  1. Watch the video
  2. Post a photo of your child to their secure website
  3. Pass this video and website on to family and friends who you think will be interested

The result is a collage of children’s faces that can be found on what’s called the wall. You can see them on the site and they are also being projected onto a wall near Parliament Hill for Stephen Harper to see.

Why should you help Moms Against Climate Change? To protect your children’s future. And, to help make sure Canada does the right thing when represented in Copenhagen.

Because at the end of the day, all we need to know is that our children are happy and healthy and we did everything we could to make that happen. This is one of those ‘everything’ times.

Moms Against Climate Change was formed when Environmental Defence and ForestEthics, two of Canada’s leading environmental groups, came together to partner in a campaign to affect Canada’s role at the UN climate change summit this December.


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