School’s Out for Summer

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It’s the last day. A whole school year has gone by and I will spare you the reflection of a high school year book editor by not reminiscing about the year gone by (as if you care). But I will note that even though I have been a parent for 12 years now, I am always remarkably shocked at how fast the year goes by. Why is this? Parents stand around in June every year and say…’wow, that went by fast”. As if the same thing didn’t happen the year before and the year before…Don’t you remember your parents saying the same thing when you were a kid (and you thought you would NEVER get out of grade two)?
Perhaps there is a lesson in this (besides the obvious fact that yes, the year does go by quickly). Parents are so busy teaching their kids a lesson that sometimes we forget to see the lessons for ourselves along the way. Maybe this year we’ll remember that we should try to stop rushing around so much, remember how important and precious this time is for us and our children and make sure we don’t let it fly past us. Many of us try to do this during the summer by making a point of maximizing our fun factor with friends and family. I am resolving to do this all year long and perhaps I won’t get caught again next June with the ‘where did the year go’ syndrome.

But seriously, where did the year go? And more importantly, does this mean I am another year older too?


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