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Sending Guests Home with a Favour


This week I think we need to talk about one of the most debatable aspects of a birthday party: the loot bag. I definitely have my opinions on what constitutes an appropriate party favour– €”practical, small, useful, portable, fun, inexpensive– but I know that in some instances, the take-home swag can amount to more than the gifts given by the party guests.

When I worked in catering, we had one client who threw extravagant birthday parties (to the tune of nearly $10,000 each) for her four children every year. Some of the loot that was sent home was worth triple the price of the average present, and while generous, I can’€™t help but think that many of the parents were left feeling a little uncomfortable, and likely very self-conscious, about the gift they sent along to the bash.

In addition to the criteria listed above, I try to pass out something that matches the theme of the party or the season in which it takes place. When my boys were younger, the spring birthday party favour was often something useful for outdoors, such as a baggie of multicoloured bouncy balls or a flying disc. And my son with the January birthday often passed around card games, Mad Libs or something to help pass the time indoors.

Lindsay, one of my favourite Canadian bloggers, recently shared a photo of the small party favour her son received from a birthday party he attended. It was simple, adorable and utterly perfect for the toddler crowd.

I’€™m curious, how do you approach loot bags? What are some of your favourite things to pass out? Have you ever received an awesome take-away like Lindsay?

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