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A baby’s first step is a moment parents never forget.
And not long after that hesitant, tottery step, they’re practically running. If you turn your back for just one second, those enthusiastic new steppers are long gone, without fail.

So get some shoes that make tracking tykes easier and leave little ones looking as cute as a button from Little Squeaky Feet. Choosing the right shoes is an important ‘first step’ for parents. You want something cute but also supportive and properly fitted. And if it helps you keep track of your newly-mobile Jack or Jill, so much the better.

That’s why SavvyMoms love the leather and canvas shoes from mom-run biz, Little Squeaky Feet. Not only do they help with those precious first steps, but the adorable noise that they make motivates your new walker to keep walking, and helps you know where your child is at all times. And who doesn’t love getting a deal on shoes!

The Deal: For $15, you get $35 towards children’s footwear from Little Squeaky Feet, thanks to our partner WagJag.

Because with the pitter patter of little feet also comes the less delightful sounds of bills to pay for shoes to clad those feet. You’ll be glad to save on those shoes.

Get your deal here!

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