Stay Strong


Didn’t you get the memo that moms aren’t allowed to get sick during flu season? You need to be healthy and strong in case everyone else in your family comes down with it. Because who else will take care of them? (And realistically, who will take care of you?)
Luckily Jamieson FluShield™ is here—the new groundbreaking, natural flu-fighting formula that boosts the immune system to better resist viral infections. It’s the only flu defense product formulated with the patented LPx³ extract. Made from premium Echinacea augustifolia and more than 10 years in the making, the LPx³ plant stock is genetically pristine; it is grown under controlled conditions in a region where there is no risk of cross pollination from indigenous Echinacea.

Dr. Bryce Wylde, Canada’s leading alternative Health expert, homeopathic doctor and director of the Vaughn Medical Centre explains how LPx³ works in FluShield™ and explains why it’s different from other flu preventing formulas:

“FluShield™ works because scientists used the most potent Echinacea and standardized the extracts from its roots, which are the most potent part of the plant. They’ve enhanced the immune-boosting properties by removing all the impurities that suppress the immune system.”

It’s clinically proven to prevent the onset and symptoms of flu, colds and upper respiratory infections.

Now that you’ve got the memo, try some for yourself. Learn more on the site.

Because it’s not just your job to keep them healthy. You have to stay healthy first.


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