Steak Sliders for Dad’s Day


It likely won’€™t shock my husband to find me in the kitchen come Sunday, whipping up some of his favourite foods for our annual Father’€™s Day dinner. What will surprise him, though, is that he won’€™t see me slaving over a hot stove preparing a meal worthy of the dad that he is.
I have a new motto this year, which is ‘make it quick and make it early.’ Anything that can be prepared easily, and in advance, is going to rise to the top of my to-cook list’€”like these simple steak sliders.

The grilling of the meat can be done up to one day in advance. If you prefer, feel free to cook it on the stove top if you don’€™t want to fire up the barbecue for just one piece of steak. Assemble a few sandwiches, add a festive looking toothpick to hold them together, and set them out on a platter for lunch or dinner along with a few of his favourite salads.

Are you cooking up anything special for Father’€™s Day this year?

Find the full printable recipe here: Easy Grilled Steak Sliders


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