Streaming in Canada: Movies & Shows for Kids and Families in September

New Movies and Shows for Kids in September - SavvyMom

Kids are finally back to school and daycare, and we all know what that means: the return of essential routine and structure—for them and you. Yet as we all adjust to the new hustle and bustle of the school year, we’re still craving that family downtime. Streaming new movies or TV shows for kids isn’t just an excellent way for you and the kids to chill together, but it can also spark interesting family discussions the next time they shrug you off when you ask them what they did all day.

Read on to see the new movies and shows for kids and families we’re digging on Canadian streaming services this month…

New Movies & Shows for Kids and Families in September:

Shows for Kids: Fakes - SavvyMom

Thursday, September 1st; CBC Gem

Need a family laugh? This young adult series (filmed in Vancouver) follows two best friends who accidentally built one of North America’s largest fake ID empires. When one of them is busted and the other isn’t, they’ll each get their chance to tell their side of the story.

Shows for Kids: The Next Step S7 - SavvyMom

The Next Step S7
Friday, September 2nd; CBC Gem

Calling all dance families, this one may be for you. The show follows a group of elite dancers at a studio who are working towards the regional championship. But first, they’ll need to accept the talented new girl and learn to work together.

Shows for Kids: Life by Ella - SavvyMom

Life By Ella
Friday, September 2nd; Apple TV+

Sometimes the world can be a cynical place. That’s where middle school student Ella (Lily Brooks O’Briant) is here to help. This incoming series follows Ella after a life-changing moment that causes the 13-year-old to tackle life in a new and positive way.

Rings of Power: Shows for Kids - SavvyMom

Lord of the Rings: The Rings of Power
Friday, September 2nd, Prime Video

If you have older kids who are into the Lord of the Rings phenomenon, don’t miss this month’s premiere of the highly anticipated prequel series. This show tracks the forging of those famed rings and how and why they were ultimately destroyed.

Shows for Kids: Jeremy & Jazzy - SavvyMom

Jeremy and Jazzy
Monday, September 5th; CBC Gem

Looking for a new show that helps little kids deal with big feelings? This incoming animated offering uses songs and music to help dissect those moods from a Creation Station setting. JUNO-nominee Jeremy Fisher and award-winning artist Aiza Ntibrarikure star.

Shows for Kids: Cocomelon - SavvyMom

Cocomelon S6
Monday, September 5th; Netflix

Just when preschool parents thought they’d gotten JJ and co.’s musical renditions out of their heads comes a 6th season of new episodes to fill the house.

Bee and PuppyCat - SavvyMom

Bee and PuppyCat
Tuesday, September 6th; Netflix

Another animated offering for younger kids, this one follows the impulsive Bee and her best furry friend as they head off on adventures while working for an intergalactic temp agency.

Chef's Table: Pizza - SavvyMom

Chef’s Table: Pizza
Wednesday, September 7th, Netflix

Are you a pizza-loving family? Of course you are. So why not get the kids in on the history of the ‘za with the latest edition of this Netflix food documentary? The six-part series goes inside the kitchens of pizza chefs worldwide, from the US to Italy to Japan. We’ll learn the chefs’ backstories and what inspired them to search for that perfect slice in the first place.

Cars on the Road: Shows for Kids - SavvyMom

Cars on the Road
Thursday, September 8th; Disney+

Owen Wilson returns to voice Lightning McQueen in this new batch of TV adventures. Rev up your engines and follow along as he and Mater (Larry the Cable Guy) head on a cross-country road trip to meet up with Mater’s sister.

Movies for Families: Pinocchio - SavvyMom

Thursday, September 8th, Disney+

The famed puppet is back; only this time he’s getting the CGI treatment. This film brings the classic fairy tale to life with the help of a few famous faces, including Tom Hanks as the woodcarver/wannabe-dad Geppetto, Joseph Gordon-Levitt as Jiminy Cricket, Cynthia Erivo as the Blue Fairy, Keegan-Michael Key as “Honest” John, Lorraine Bracco as Sofia the Seagull, and Luke Evans as a new character, The Coachman.

Series for Kids: Gutsy - SavvyMom

Friday, September 9th; Apple TV+

Older kids may find inspiration in this project from the mother-daughter duo Hillary and Chelsea Clinton. In each episode, they hit the road and go on adventures with some of the world’s boldest and bravest women. Whether heroes or household names, these subjects have one thing in common: they inspire us to be gutsy.

Series for Kids: Ada Twist Scientist - SavvyMom

Ada Twist, Scientist S3
Monday, September 12th; Netflix

Budding scientists and curious kids can gear up for a new season of this truth-seeking series, in which a pint-sized scientist and her two best friends ask all the big questions.

Gymnastics Academy: A Second Chance - SavvyMom

Gymnastics Academy: A Second Chance
Friday, September 16th; Netflix

Another coming-of-age series for older kids, this one also has a gymnastics edge. When an injury sidelines teen gymnast Kyra Berry, she receives a second chance to pursue her dreams after receiving a scholarship in Australia.

Series for Kids: Best in Dough - SavvyMom

Best in Dough
Monday, September 19th; Disney+ Star

Because one new pizza series is never enough, this one offers a more competitive take. In each episode, different competitors (think college kids, barbecue experts, or nonnas) go head-to-head to see who makes the best’ za. Wells Adams hosts.

Series for Kids: Andor - SavvyMom

Wednesday, September 21st; Disney+

If you’re a Star Wars-loving fam, you’ve probably already marked the calendar for the premiere of this Rogue One prequel. Diego Luna reprises his role for this two-season series that explains the origins of Cassian Andor. The first season kicks off five years before the events of Rogue One and spans a year. The first three episodes drop at once, with weekly installments to

Super/Natural Series for Kids - SavvyMom

Wednesday, September 21st; Disney+ Nat Geo

If your crew is into nature series that give us shots of realms beyond the imagination, you’ll want to add this one to your watch list. James Cameron executive produces, and Benedict Cumberbatch narrates.

Series for Kids: On the Come Up - SavvyMom

On the Come Up
Friday, September 23rd; Paramount+

This coming-of-age story (based on the novel by Angie Thomas) revolves around a 16-year-old girl named Bri (Jamila C. Gray). When the aspiring and gifted rapper attempts to make a name for herself in the battle rap scene, however, she winds up going viral for all the wrong reasons.

Pokemon Series - SavvyMom

Pokémon: The Arceus Chronicles
Friday, September 23rd; Netflix

If your family’s gotta watch ’em all, then you’re in luck because a new franchise installment hits Netflix this month. While investigating the legend of the mythical Pokémon Arceus, Ash, Goh, and Dawn uncover a secret, world-destroying plot.

Mighty Ducks Series S2 - SavvyMom

The Mighty Ducks: Game Changers S2
Wednesday, September 28th; Disney+

Summer is only beginning for the Ducks when the second season of this revival series returns. The squad takes their hockey dreams on the road to California this year for a chance to attend the intense summer hockey institute. There, former NHL player Colin Cole (Josh Duhamel) greets them as the new charming but hardcore lead.

Series for Kids: Phantom Pups - SavvyMom

Phantom Pups
Friday, September 30th; Netflix

Looking for spooky (but not too scary) content for the kids heading into Halloween? This family-friendly project follows a fam that moves into a house everyone believes to be haunted, but one member is determined to find the cause of these mysterious happenings.

Movies for Kids: Hocus Pocus 2 - SavvyMom

Hocus Pocus 2
Friday, September 30th; Disney+

If your family loves the classic 1993 Halloween haunt, mark your calendars for the Sanderson Sisters’ epic return this month. In this sequel, the original trio (Bette Midler, Sarah Jessica Parker, and Kathy Najimy) return to wreak havoc on Salem, and it’s up to three high school kids to stop them.


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