Style Your Slim


Do you do everything you can to look and feel your best? (Be honest.)
With so much on the go, it can be hard to dedicate time for yourself, and flaunt your great features. So, here’s some welcome help for the New Year. No matter what your shape, the Slim-Fast Optima® plan is a flexible approach to healthy weight loss that can fit into your busy lifestyle and (tight) budget. It’s private, convenient and easy to follow—combining sensible meals, Slim-Fast® meal replacements and nutritious snacks throughout the day. The Slim-Fast Optima Plan is designed to help you achieve the weight that is right for you and it focuses on three key elements of healthy weight loss—balanced eating, physical activity and support.

Support is a huge part of the program, which helps you look your best and “Style Your Slim”. What does that mean? It means that Slim-Fast offers tips for head-to-toe style that will help you flaunt your silhouette, accentuate your best qualities and look pulled together in minutes.


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