Sweetapolita’s Sprinkle Shop


‘€˜Tis the season for spring cleaning, and this year I’€™ve been tackling my baking cabinet with great enthusiasm. So often I focus on tidying my countertops and cleaning out the pantry, and I completely forget to address some of the most-used items in my kitchen: my baking supplies.

My candy cake toppers and sprinkle collection was old and in need of some freshening up, so I tossed most of what I had because it was likely stale and treated myself to a few new products for the upcoming birthdays and special occasions I have penciled into my calendar. To help me replenish my decorating supplies, I gave darling Rosie’€™s new online sprinkle shop some business, and I’€™m so glad I did.

I wrote about Rosie, known to many online as Sweetapolita, a few years ago. Since that post, she’€™s published her first bakebook and launched an online business. She’€™s an inspiration to be sure, and I really her admire her savvy business sense. My package of pretty sprinkles arrived earlier this week and I from the colour coordinated shipping labels to the handwritten thank you, everything about my purchase made me ridiculously happy.

According to the website, Sweetapolita’€™s sprinkles are ‘€˜premium, vibrant, candy-sweet sprinkles and one-of-a-kind sprinkle mixes, including the brightest of sprinkles, candy beads, sugar pearls, rock crystal candy, edible dragées, stars and more’€™ and based on the containers that arrived on my door step earlier this week, I couldn’€™t agree more. Perhaps my favourite thing about the sprinkles are their sweet names, that easily let you envision what type of cake you should be decorating or party theme you may want to consider. As the mom of three boys, I was admittedly drawn to the ‘€˜comic book’€™ and ‘€˜let’€™s motor’€™ sprinkle medleys, and my sister, a mom of three girls, fell hard for the ‘€˜flamingo’€™ twinkle sprinkle medley.

I really like the idea of supporting small Canadian businesses, and this one definitely did not disappoint. Do you have any birthdays, baby showers, garden parties or graduations on your calendar this spring? If so, I highly encourage you to check our Rosie’€™s shop for your cake and cookie decorating needs.


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