How to Play Tag
A group of kids
A decent sized backyard

One person is designated as ‘It’, and that person runs around and tries to catch someone else.
If they succeed, the person they touch becomes ‘It’ and tries to chase everyone else.
The game continues until everyone is exhausted and loses interest or has to go in for dinner.

Variations of this game include: Freeze Tag where when ‘It’ touches a player they are frozen in place and the last person to be frozen is ‘It’ for the next game, Turtle Tag where you are safe from being tagged by getting on your back like a stuck turtle and Blob Tag where ‘It’ chases players until someone is tagged, and then the tagged player grabs the hand of ‘It’ and they become a blob and run together to tag another player, with the blob continuing to grow until everyone has become part of the ‘It-Blob’.


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