Post Winter Destruction

We call it PWD—Post Winter Destruction. After a winter of indoor fun and games, the nicks and notches are all over the walls and the furniture. The much anticipated spring sunshine only serves to illuminate the damage.
Don’t panic—we’ve found great helpers for that PWD.

image It’s Mom’s turn to crayon on the furniture with the Fill Sticks are available at a variety of retailers. Just choose the matching shade to your wood furniture and fill in the scratches. (At $9.99, how can you afford NOT to give it a try?) It’s a bit like working with pastels. You can smooth them into the wood so they blend in naturally. A perfect camouflage for those mysterious scratches on your fave hand-me-down furniture from granny or the heirloom you bought at that yard sale.

If you’ve invested in leather furniture (it truly is practical with kids because you can wipe off the mess so easily), emergency relief is on hand with Leather CPR, available at Restoration Hardware. It easily absorbs into your leather furniture without the need to buff, and brings it back to life after the long dry winter. It’s to leather what face cream is to your skin (we wish).

So let the sun shine in (your place looks fab)… and keep the kids outside.


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