Take the Kids on a Unique Pirate Adventure Right Here in Ottawa

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At Mooney’s Bay, if you’ve visited the beach or the park, or have gone for a family bike ride, you may have noticed something unique and unusual out on the water—a pirate ship! No need to worry about these pirates coming to land to plunder and steal in search for treasure, because these friendly, funny pirates are a part of Pirate Adventures at Mooney’s Bay. This interactive, entertaining boat ride is one your entire family will enjoy this summer.

Pirate Adventures offers an adventurous ride for kids aged 3-10 (and their parents) from May and into September, with various departures daily offered in French and English.

Why your kids will love Pirate Adventures

When you arrive and check-in before your departure (pre-booking your tickets online is recommended to avoid disappointment if the boat is already to capacity), your child will have the chance to get their pirate name given to them, dress in pirate costuming, and have their face painted with a pirate mustache, scar, or something else before even boarding the boat. The pirates will greet you and your crew (and the other passengers) when everyone is ready and you’ll be lead to to the ship to board.

The approximately 75-minute boat ride is action packed from the beginning. There is story telling, role playing, singing and many surprises on the Ottawa high seas (or in this case, Mooney’s Bay). We don’t want to spoil all the surprises, but the kids will want to keep an eye on the water as they help the pirates hunt for hidden treasure, while avoiding being attacked by any other pirates along the way! To help keep other boats away from the ship, they’ll have to man the cannons, and from time to time help the captain.

Parents, don’t let your guard down because you may end up participating as well. If you aren’t behaving you may have to walk the plank (not really, but for a moment you have to wonder if you’ll be sent overboard!) or you may be asked to do a little dance. The pirates on the ship will keep everyone entertained with pirate conversations and humour that is welcomed by both the kids and parents on board.

You can celebrate on the boat

You can book your child’s next birthday party with Pirate Adventures! You can secure the entire boat (depending on how many party guests and parents you bring along) or join in the fun with other non-party goers. Your child will receive special attention on the boat to celebrate, plus there are tents available to be set up for birthday parties allowing parents to have snacks and cake ready to enjoy when the first mates and their parents all arrive back on land.

In addition to birthday parties, you can also plan a corporate retreat, family reunion, class trip or other special event with Pirate Adventures.

Before you go

Dress for the weather: Don’t forget to wear sunscreen (and bring it just in case!) and wear a hat. The boat doesn’t have shade and being on the water, especially in the afternoon, means the sun will be strong. Also, cancellations due to weather are made by Pirate Adventures but they will still sail in the rain.

While there are costumes for your kids to wear, if they have a preferred pirate costume in their dress up bin at home, they can wear that instead!

It’s recommended to arrive thirty minutes before your boat is set to depart so you have time to check in and get everyone in costume or enjoy the face painting.

We recommend you book your tickets online prior to arriving so you aren’t disappointed.

Pirate Adventures is such a unique and fun experience right here in Ottawa. Grab your little first mates and enjoy the show.



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