The Burnt-Out Parents’ Guide to Must-Have Gifts for Kids of Every Age

Gifts for Kids for Burnt Out Parents - SavvyMom

It’s common knowledge that parents are beyond burnt out, and the last thing anyone needs right now is a houseful of noisy gifts, messy gifts, or gifts that in one way or another make more work for us. These gifts for kids are a no-brainer—they don’t require a lot from us, while encouraging safe, independent play for kiddos. And for our own holiday shopping, we may even want to add a couple of items to our own wish lists (if my partner is reading this, I’m talking about the weighted blanket!)

Must-Have Gifts for Toddlers

Gifts for Kids - Toddlers-Monkeying Around - SavvyMom

Peaceable Kingdom Monkey Around

What it is: A toddler board game that builds social-emotional and gross motor skills through 40 cards, which instruct movement challenges like balancing on one foot, high fiving, etc.

Price: $24.99

Why kids will love it: They’ll enjoy showing off their skills and practicing some  new ones, and they may even be able to “read” the image cards.

Why parents will love it: It’s an interactive activity that doesn’t require too much energy on your part. (Bonus: toddlers can play with older siblings too!)

Gifts for Kids-Toddlers-Pop 2 Play Slide - SavvyMom

Pop2Play Toddler Rainbow Slide by WowWee

What it is: A cardboard slide that holds up to 50 lbs., folds flat for storage and is 100% recyclable when you’re finished with it.

Price: $39.99

Why kids will love it: Their home will become their very own playground.

Why parents will love it: Get those zoomies out on the coldest of days without freezing in the park.

Gifts for Kids Ages 4-7:

Gifts for Kids-VTech Print Camera - SavvyMom

VTech KidiZoom PrintCam

What it is: A digital camera with video, games, and photo editing features. It prints black & white images instantly, and the USB cable transfers images to a computer in colour.

Price: $94.99

Why kids will love it: The print paper is designed to be coloured on, allowing for further personalization of images.

Why parents will love it: Parental controls can be set to limit photos printed and time spent using it.

Gifts for Kids - Doorway Sensory Swing - Savvy Mom

Doorway Therapy Sensory Swing

What it is: Commonly used by Occupational Therapists for folks with processing disorder, ADHD, or on the autism spectrum, these cocoon-like fabric swings are multi-use and can provide comfort and joy to us all.

Price: $166

Why kids will love it: It can be used to expend energy by floating, flipping, and spinning, and it’s the perfect spot to cocoon away with a book when feeling overstimulated.

Why parents will love it: Weight capacity is 220 lbs. so go ahead and take a turn. (Also, the bar it hangs from can be used as a chin-up bar, if you’re into that.)

Gifts for Kids Ages 8-10:

Gifts for Kids-Game Bud Talking Tom - SavvyMom

GameBud Talking Tom

What it is: This first-of-its-kind animatronic character live-connects to the My Talking Tom games and interacts with players in real-time. It’s kind of like this generation’s super high-tech version of Teddy Ruxpin.

Price: $125

Why kids will love it: Kiddos who are obsessed with the My Talking Tom online games will love interacting with their virtual pet IRL.

Why parents will love it: Transition seamlessly out of screen time: kids can continue to have interactive conversations with their ‘sassy and gassy’ buddy outside of game play.

Gifts for Kids - Laser Pegs - SavvyMom

Laser Pegs Building Blocks Playset: Mars Hopper

What it is: A 151-piece Mars Hopper building set.

Price: $28.97

Why kids will love it: It lights up and is LEGO-compatible!

Why parents will love it: Hours of screen-free, imaginative play. Plus, batteries are included.

Gifts for Tweens:

Gifts for Kids - Throw Throw Burrito - Savvy Mom

Throw Throw Burrito Dodgeball Card Game

What it is: Part card game, part dodgeball, this is one of those gifts for kids that is really suitable-for-all-ages and offers the opportunity to throw squishy burritos at each other.

Price: $34.95

Why kids will love it: Permission to throw things at their siblings and parents!

Why parents will love it: A hilarious and cathartic way of family bonding.

Kiwi-Co Eureka Crate Headphones - SavvyMom

KiwiCo Headphones

What it is: A kit for building working headphones!

Price: $50.84

Why kids will love it: The sense of accomplishment in building something that looks (and apparently also sounds) stellar.

Why parents will love it: Peace and quiet.

Gifts for Teens:

Dream Away Weighted Blanket - SavvyMom

Dream Away 5-Layered Weighted Blanket

What it is: Weighted by glass beads stitched into square compartments, and with a removable, machine-washable cover, this blanket is designed to calm anxiety and promote better sleep.

Price: $39.99

Why kids will love it: It’s an excellent calming tool in a time of lots of stressors.

Why parents will love it: Some gifts for kids are extra meaningful. You’re essentially gifting a giant hug.

Gifts for Kids Sunset Lamp - SavvyMom

Pandaco Sunset Desk LED Light

What it is: These lamps, made famous on TikTok, create a warm sunset ambiance, perfect for these extended hours of darkness.

Price: $14.99

Why kids will love it: It will provide for some excellent selfies. (But also a very chill atmosphere for studying, reading, etc.)

Why parents will love it: It’s there to borrow whenever you need a mental vacation to Hawaii.

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