The Easiest Dinner Party Dessert to Serve This Summer


I recently came across an idea for a straightforward dinner party dessert that I thought was worth sharing:
After serving guests your most impressive (read: signature) entertaining dish, keep the sweet finish simple by pulling out containers of ice cream from the freezer and plopping them in the middle of the table alongside small bowls and spoons. Offer a nice range of flavours, making the meal part of the conversation as you and your guests chat about which ones you like best.

Not only is this a fun option, but I also can’€™t imagine anything easier. Gussy it up a little with assorted adult-friendly toppings like chopped dark chocolate, tart dried cherries, toasted coconut and bourbon-infused caramel and/or chocolate sauces, or serve the ice cream alongside mugs of hot coffee and crisp cookies for a simple affogato.

Would you be bold enough to serve a simple dessert like this as the final course of a fancy dinner party?


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