Mom Uniform: The Easiest Way to Feel Put Together Every Day

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Matilda Kahl was a media focus for her version of a work uniform she’d been sporting for years. She wears the same style white blouse everyday with a pair of black pants and a bow tied around her neck. Her work uniform is simple, stylish and versatile.

Matilda spoke about the benefits of her uniform for the work environment that translated oh so well into life as a mom.

Imagine: waking up, feeding the kids breakfast and not having to think about what you’re going to wear to take them to school. Imagine needing zero thought for getting yourself ready each morning.

Especially if you’re struggling with what to wear if you’re going back to the office, this is liberation.

But how do you decide on the right uniform for you?

Mom Uniform Ideas to Feel Put Together Every Day

What’s your favourite thing to wear?

I urge you to move past the coziest of cozy clothes and into clothes that make you feel put together as well as comfortable. If you were to go out for brunch with friends you haven’t seen in a year to a casual restaurant, what would you pull from closet. Maybe you have one pair of jeans that looks amazing and are oh-so-comfortable. Or a t-shirt dress that feels feminine and relaxed. This is the first step — being truthful with yourself about your absolute favourite pieces to wear.

Are you saying to yourself, ‘But I don’t own anything I love to wear?’ That’s cool. Try creating a mood board or turn to Pinterest and start pinning outfits that really truly speak to you. Once you’ve pinned thirty or more outfit ideas take a peak at the board as a whole and write down the patterns you see. Did you pin a lot of outfits with A-line skirts? Or skinny pants? Leggings? Boots? Use these patterns to direct your outfit choices.

  1. Figure out if you need one or two uniforms. Do you need a different mom uniform depending on the season? If the climate you live in has a drastic weather difference it might make more sense two have a hot weather uniform and a cold weather uniform.
  2. How much choice do you need? A uniform can be really strict like Matilda’s (the exact same white blouse and black pants) or it can have more variety (any colour/pattern collared shirt and any colour skinny jeans, for example). Does the idea of wearing the exact same thing everyday feel liberating for you? If yes, then go with a strict uniform. If you prefer a little more variety, choose clothing that allows for a little choice. For example, someone who’s into a strict uniform style may choose dark skinny jeans and buy three pairs of the exact same pair of dark skinny jeans they know they love. Whereas someone who’s looking for more choice might by one pair of dark blue skinny jeans, one pair of light skinny jeans and one pair of distressed skinny jeans. It’s still a uniform of ‘skinny jeans’ but one person will have more variety and choice than the other.
  3. Is your uniform choice versatile? Write down a list of five things you do regularly with your kids. Does your uniform choice work easily in all of these arenas? If not, make tweaks so it does. The idea is that your uniform makes life easier for you, so if you have to think about what your wearing at all, the concept won’t quite work for you.
  4. Don’t be afraid to tweak. Take the pressure off yourself and give one uniform idea a go. See if it works for you or not. If it does, awesome! If not, what can you add or take away to make your mom uniform perfect for you?

To get your mind going, here are some great ideas for a spring/summer mom uniform:

And some inspired ideas for a fall/winter mom uniform:

Remember, if you keep your mom uniform simple, versatile, comfortable, and stylish, you’ll liberate yourself from the everyday decision of what to wear.


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