The End of Summer Checklist

Family on beach

We didn’t create a summer bucket list this year, but now that we’re under a month away from September and back to school (sorry, say what?!?!) I feel like there’s a mad dash to make the most of the remaining hot days and sunlit evenings.

So, in an effort to celebrate the rest of the summer season, I’ve created a simple end-of-summer checklist to make sure I don’t miss doing a few of our favourite things. If, like me, you missed the boat on making an epic to-do list, why not ask the kids what they’d still like to do this summer and make a shortlist of activities for the remaining summer days to come.

Here’s what’s on my End-of-Summer Checklist:

  • Eat Dinner on a Beach
  • Try a New Ice Cream Spot
  • Go on a Road Trip (already planned!)
  • Take a Family Photo
  • Eat Something/Somewhere New
  • Have a Pie Party
  • Complete a Big Puzzle with the Big Kids

Now it’s your turn. Tell us, what’s left on your end of summer checklist?



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