The Kitchen Workhorse

You probably know all about how probiotics are good for digestion and immunity. That part is true, but there is more to the yogurt story. The probiotics, or ‘good bacteria', do actually help break down food as well as line the intestine to prevent stomach bugs. The bad news is that most yogurts are made with so much sugar they are working against you. Sugar actually feeds the bad bacteria to effectively keep them alive to do harm for one more day. You do want probiotics from your food, but you want to be careful of the vehicle. Choose plain Greek yogurt that's sweet and creamy all on its own. To add flavour, try a drop of pure vanilla extract and/or cinnamon, or find some jam or compote that has little sugar added and stir it in. Another option—find other fermented foods to feed your kids (and yourself) like miso soup and sauerkraut—they are great boosters.

Fashion isn’€™t my forte, but I do keep a few reliable items on hand to help me out when I need to dress for an occasion. I think of these treasured items (little black dress, perfect jeans, classic blazer) as the workhorses of my wardrobe, dependably enabling me to pull the right outfit together when the time calls.
I stock my fridge with the same approach, keeping only the most trustworthy, yet less fashionable items on hand. Yogurt is one of my workhorses. It can be used as an ingredient in baked goods, smoothies, meat marinades, dressings, and dips. It can be served for breakfast, packed into a lunch and offered up for dessert. It’€™s versatile and dependable.

Yogurt can be bought, of course, but it can almost just as easily be made. This past Sunday I made up four 500 ml jars in less than half an hour. It has to incubate of course, but that’€™s nothing more than just resting time in a warm space, meaning it doesn’€™t require any effort on my part. It’€™s also a very economical project and is void of some of the less-than-favourable items often found in packaged yogurt (gelatin, natural/artificial flavourings).

What are your kitchen workhorse items? Have you made yogurt before? Would you?

Find the full printable recipe here: Homemade Yogurt


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