The List: Apps for Smart Kids


ABC Go ABC Go showcases over 65 modes of transportation in a clever and innovative approach—perfect for a younger audience. Using lots of (age-appropriate) movies, images, sounds and interactive games, kids will be thoroughly entertained and engaged to learn new words, the alphabet and spelling. ($2.99, app it)

Alien BuddiesAlien Buddies
Adorable aliens guide your child as they learn their upper and lower case letters, colours, shapes and numbers through matching, puzzles and dot-to-dot games. Kids will develop important skills such as problem solving, sequential counting and fine motor skills with the help of their Alien Buddies. ($1.99, app it)

i Learn with Boing: Savannah Adventures!i Learn with Boing: Savannah Adventures!
Boing and his friendly-alien friends land their spaceship on the savannah but this math app is all about the animals. With the help of ostriches, meerkats and frogs, kids ages 3 through 6 will have fun as they learn counting, number ordering and adding or subtracting. We love that kids can play head-to-head against another player such as a parent or pal. Parents can track their child’s progress with the personalized report feature. ($2.99, app it)


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