The List: 15 Cold and Flu Fighters


A peek inside a diaper bag will tell you something about moms: they know a thing or two about survival skills.
Battling against cold and flu season is no exception, and part of any good survival plan is being prepared for emergencies. So before that cough from their bedroom claims the rest of your sleep, know that you are prepared with The List: 15 Cold and Flu Fighters, these everyday items you might want to have on hand in anticipation of the dreaded day.

But before we hit you with the goods, we thought you might be wondering about the flu shot, when to take your child to the doctor, and more. So we asked our pediatrician, and here’€™s the lowdown:

  • If you decide the flu shot is for your family (and most pediatricians recommend that you do) remember that the vaccine only works against a certain strain of the flu, not all. So if you get sick afterwards it does not mean that inoculation didn’€™t work, it likely means you unfortunately caught a different strain.


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