The List: The Best of SavvyMom


It’s been hot and you’ve been busy. That’s why SavvyMom founders Sarah and Minnow rounded up their favourite picks of the summer for you to discover, from great gifts to the perfect pool toy—while it’s still summer. Just in case you missed them the first time.

Pongo Ping Pong Game
With the exception of siblings, most rivalries are made, not born. Encourage some competitive in-cottage one-upmanship, particularly useful on rainy days, with an indoor ping pong set that will fit most tabletops. (Play) 
Ombrelle Face Stick SPF 60
The hypoallergenic, water-resistant Ombrelle Face Stick not only leaves you with protected skin, but with more room in your tote bag. The stick is small and portable, and great for getting those tough spots close to the eyes. (Protect) 
Acacia Salt Cellar
Clumping is generally to be avoided, whether referring to mascara wands or gourmet salt. For foodies who regularly cook with expensive seasonings, this salt cellar will preserve the freshness of those exotic white crystals for when they are needed in a pinch (get it?). This salt keeper is a dash of genius, for sure. (Preserve)


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