The Return of Dr. Oh


Please know that I struggled with learning disabilities all through school, and am still reminded of them when someone throws me the massive Yellow Pages and says, ‘€œWe need the nearest Chinese food place, stat!’€
Luckily I’€™m old enough to throw it back and say, ‘€œI’€™m not hungry’€.

I also have my moments where my appearance resembles my intelligence at the time’€”there are many unfair photos of me looking intellectually challenged. I know you’€™ve got some, too. But poor Baxter’€™s last three months of life revolved around his new bottom teeth. They must be painful, aside from being weird and magical sharp little growths that are a constant distraction. Evidence of this is seen in the majority of his recent photographs’€”always with the tongue curled in and down to monitor his dental progress. As I’€™ve mentioned in previous postings, this is not a flattering look. He may be contemplating particle physics, but he looks dumb as a post.

Recently, even as his front teeth progress along their glacial path, Baxter has delighted us with a rerun of facial expressions past. Amy’€™s and my favourite face of all is the ‘€˜Oh’€™. It is a perfect circle of mouth: permanent surprise, shock and awwwww. He has added air sucking, inspired perhaps from my blowing and whistling lessons’€”less rerun as remixed. Cute by all accounts, and a delightful digression from the gape-mouth, tongue-stuffed face.

Not that we’€™re judging.

I wanted to end this post with a James Bond reference that would be clever and witty, but my characters are cross-wired:
‘€œ’€¦And you expect me to tell you the secret location, Dr. Oh?’€
‘€œNo, Mr. Bond; I expect you to giggle.’€
‘€œWait, I thought I was Dr. Oh…’€


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