The Hour of No Power


It’s that time again to embrace the notion of ‘unplugged’ (and we’re not talking about revisiting your CD collection).
It’s Earth Hour—the hour of ‘no power’.

In the past, we’ve turned off the lights, television (even the computer!) and brought out the candles to spend some quality time with the family. That could include anything from games to stories and more. This year, we’re going to try and go one step further and turn off the cell phones, iPads and Blackberries, too. Why? Because it’s a great chance to actually ‘be’ together. It’s also a wonderful opportunity to help the environment while sharing an important message with your kids—reduce your carbon footprint.

This year, Earth Hour is on March 26 at 8:30 pm. A lot of us have our classic fave activities to enjoy (charades, anyone?), but we’d love to know what everyone does together to shake things up a bit.

So tell us—how will you spend Earth Hour with your family? Any suggestions?


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