The Savvy Five: Rain Gear


We wish we had our kids’ enthusiasm for wet weather.
While the little drips (read: rain drops) aggravate us, it’s amazing how the right outerwear can keep our young ones looking forward to rainy days.

Wet and warmer weather is coming, so get ready with our 11 Rainy Day Gear Faves starting with these five, and put a little spring in their step. Because puddles were definitely designed for jumping.

Muddy Buddy Waterproof Coveralls
Good For: Kids aged 1 to 4 years
Why It Made the List: It’s the hazmat suit equivalent for kids! Especially useful once they are walking, zip them up in this one-piece, waterproof, breathable and lightweight suit and watch little puddle jumpers enjoy the elements without any of the anxiety. With elasticized arms, legs, reinforced knees and attached hood, the only thing to be dried is their tears…when told it’s time to come inside. ($32.99, where to buy)

iPlay Midweight RaincoatiPlay Midweight Raincoat
Good For: Kids aged 1 to 5 years
Why It Made the List: We’d resigned ourselves to draping the kids in foreign plastic (aka PVC raincoats) come rainy days. Then the skies brightened with the introduction of iPlay’s PVC-free, waterproof, lined raincoat with a cute whale pattern for both boys and girls. Perfectly safe (materials) and sound (product). Matching umbrellas are available, too.
($35.99, where to buy)


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