The Mother of All Mompreneurs


I think it’s safe to say that many of us mom entrepreneurs are inspired by the incredible success story of Sandra Wilson and Robeez. Certainly I have been, so it was exciting to be able to see her speak on the topic of entrepreneurship last week at the Indigo Entrepreneur Series, where she was interviewed by Heather Reisman. We’ve been working with Sandra and the marketing team at Robeez on the SavvyMom Mompreneur Award so I was thrilled to receive a front-row invitation to be a part of this event, which was taped to be used for future podcasts on the Indigo website.
Sandra spoke about her journey from mom inventor to global success, and I took away some great lessons from her talk: stay passionate about your brand; focus on what you as a company are really good at, select the right business partners, ask for help when you need it and grow a sound network of professional and personal advisors. All that combined with a lot of old fashioned sweat and tears and never giving up. Words to live by to be sure.

It was great to see some of our fellow Toronto mom entrepreneurs from Pippalilly and Sweetpea Babyfood at the event too. I wonder if Sandra knows just how many lives she is touching with her success story.


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