No More Guilt


We have known about them for a while now and have not shared them with you, our loyal and trusted readers. It’s not that we didn’t want to and it’s not that we were hoarding them for ourselves, it’s just that we were waiting for the right time—because as you know, timing is everything.
So here it is: Robyn’s Cookies are pretty much the tastiest treat you can put in your mouth—worth every single calorie. There, that’s the secret. But the real news you can use is that they are not just available in a few select specialty gourmet stores anymore. Now you can go to the newly opened Robyn’s Cookies store in North Toronto, meet Robyn (very savvymom to four kids) herself, buy your cookies, try some of her new flavours and grab a coffee or a scoop of ice cream for the kids.

She just opened her doors to the public this month and Robyn has big plans for the year. She has already introduced two new flavours of cookies and plans to feature a “cookie of the week”. The first “healthy cookie” Robyn introduced last week is called Oatmeal Berry and is made with oatmeal, ground flax and organic blueberries and cranberries. They were such a hit she is keeping them on as regular stock and we have a feeling there will be more cookies of the week that will remain on the menu in the future. But don’t let the word “healthy” scare you away. Her classic chocolate chip is the true addiction. A bag of ten ones is $10. (They’re BIG and they are magnifique. Did we already mention that?)


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