The Savvy Guide to October

SavvyMom April 12, 2016

The Savvy Guide to October
Bird’s in the oven, pumpkin’s on the doorstep and there’s plenty to be thankful for—it’s October. Here are some savvy tips on making the most of the month.

Get your Halloween costumes now
Why? Because it means you won’t have to hunt through slim pickings closer to the day to find something your child will actually like (and you won’t have to hunt through the house trying to put together something last minute).

To Culture Days from September 30 to October 2
Why? Because it’s a perfect opportunity to expose your kids to local artisans, performance troops, creative and media organizations who are hosting fun events for the whole family.

A pumpkin from a local pumpkin patch or farm
Why? It’s a great way to spend a fall day with the kids and the photo ops can’t be beat (so remember your camera).

Dress Up
Why? Isn’t it obvious? It’s a great way to make use of the new costumes (and you might come up with some new ideas reusing the stuff in your dress-up box).

Burton & Isabelle Pipistrelle: Out of the Bat Cave
Why? It’s an adorable story of a bat living in the ROM Bat Cave, who ventures out to experience all the wonders of the museum. It’s a perfect book for Halloween that won’t scare your littlest bat-fans.

Why? If the kids need skates, hockey gear, snowboards, or more for the winter season, it’s a great place to connect with local sellers, right in your community for high-quality used stuff.

Pocket Yoga
Why? It’s a yoga class right on your smart phone or iPad. You can choose different sequences according to your experience level and duration of class. No more missing yoga class because of your hectic schedule. You can practice yoga anywhere, anytime.

Keep your freezer full
Why? Because freezers work more efficiently when they are full, so try to keep yours as packed as possible. If you’re running low on frozen food, pop several reusable ice packs in the freezer so it will stay cooler and use less energy.

Save 10% on your entire order of LOVELINX Jewellery until October 10 using code oxoxsavvy
Why? Because the holidays are closer than you think and their Peanut Prints and Photo Pendants make for lovely gifts.

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