The Savvy Guide to October

SavvyMom October 3, 2021

I know we’re not supposed to play favourites, but October is the best! After a sweaty and uncertain September, we should finally get crisp fall weather perfect for pumpkin pie (and pumpkin spiced lattes, who are we kidding?) It’s a month of starting to live life to the fullest again by (safely) gathering with family and friends to celebrate the bounty of the season.

From Thanksgiving through to Halloween and beyond (oh, we see you, winter holidays), we’ve got the right things to spice up your month.

The Savvy Guide to October

Get a jump on your holiday shopping

Why? There’s always that one person bragging about starting their holiday shopping in October. We all roll our eyes because aren’t we still shaking the sand out of beach towels? But then December is upon us with seventy kajillion tasks to do…and you suddenly wish that you had been that person. But here’s why you might want to get started early this year: Supply chain issues and shortages are causing experts to predict problems obtaining certain items this year. Electronics especially are affected by chip shortages and manufacturing delays, so if there’s a specific gadget or gizmo that will make an appearance on a loved one’s list, might want to seek it out now.


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Something new and pretty for fall

Why? We’ve been stuck at home forever and a day and now that we’re being forced back indoors due to the cooler weather, we need something pretty and festive to help us feel happy to be there. So while we’re struggling to get excited about snuggling back into autumn mode, retailers are helping us out with fun fall decor pieces that don’t cost the bomb and remind us that we actually do like hunkering down at home. Check out fall decor guides from IKEA, Crate & Barrel, and HomeSense for inspiration.

Free Guy

Why? Even if you’re not a gamer you won’t be able to resist Ryan Reynolds and his endearing schtick as a cute and clueless (but still badass) bank teller NPC (non-player character for us non-gamers) who starts to gain awareness about his “life” and surroundings. One of the first family films to play at the newly-opened movie theatres, Free Guy is now available at no extra charge on Disney + and is a fun flick for family movie night. Kids who are familiar with multi-player games will especially enjoy the cameos of their favourite gamer YouTubers like DanTDM and LazarBeam.

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Recycle rescue for your homework station

Why? All your best-laid plans for keeping homework organized should be starting to come unravelled by now. The good news is that it’s not too late to tweak your system. Look at your children’s desks or wherever they are set up to do homework or online learning if they’re still remote. Is it always a scramble to find a pencil or a sharpener? Are papers scattered all over the place? Chances are you can find just the right sized container for storing pencil crayons or holding paperwork in your own recycling pile (think small boxes, cans with the edges taped, or used juice containers). Get your kids to decorate the container with pretty paper, stickers, marker, or even glitter glue. Check out this Pinterest page for inspiration.

Halloween costumes

Why? In my household, Halloween costumes are decided upon on November 1st of the preceeding Halloween. But there can be occasional snags in the planning that requires a last-minute option. Or maybe you’re a spoilsport (also me) who hates getting dressed up but really needs to pull something together. If you’ve lost your Halloween mojo thanks to the pandemic and also reluctance to bring more candy into the house, these easy, last-minute Halloween costume ideas can help you get into the spirit.

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