The Savvy Guide to October

The Savvy Guide to October - SavvyMom

I know we’re not supposed to play favourites, but October is the best! After a sweaty and uncertain September, we should finally get crisp fall weather perfect for pumpkin pie (and pumpkin spice lattes, who are we kidding?) It’s a month of starting to live life to the fullest again by (safely) gathering with family and friends to celebrate the bounty of the season. From Thanksgiving through to Halloween and beyond (oh, we see you, winter holidays), our Savvy Guide to October has got the right things to (pumpkin) spice up your month.

The Savvy Guide to October

Things to Do in Ottawa in October - SavvyMom

Get out and enjoy the fall weather!

Why? October is chock-a-block with fall fun for families — from pumpkin patches to Halloween haunts, there’s so much going on for families in Toronto, Ottawa, Calgary, and Vancouver.

Take the kiddos to a farm for some apple and pumpkin picking fun

Why? Because what’s cuter than a kid in a pumpkin patch? It’s the perfect photo-op-and-fresh-air activity.

What's Streaming for Families and Kids in October - SavvyMom

Streaming in Canada for Families in October

Why? No Guide to October would be complete without a comprehensive list of movies and shows the whole family can and will enjoy! Check out what’s on Canadian streaming services this month for kids and parents.

Thanks for another Thanksgiving

Why? Thanksgiving seems more meaningful every year, especially after the past 2 1/2 years we’ve all experienced. Maybe this is the year you cook the perfect turkey or this is the year you finally order out for your holiday meal (like you’ve been saying you will for the past 10– here’s where to get Thanksgiving takeout in Toronto, Ottawa, Calgary, and Vancouver)… Maybe this year you try a vegetarian Thanksgiving or go all out with all the turkey and trimmings, we’ve also got ideas for what to do with all those turkey leftovers.

Go leaf peeping!

Why? With the changing colours and comfortable temperatures, it’s a beautiful time of year for a little drive in the country or a just a trip to a big urban park. Don’t miss out on this opportunity for a hike or even one last picnic—soon enough the season of shovelling and snow pants will arrive. Bring your camera or smartphone: you might just get the perfect picture of the kids in a big pile of leaves (hello holiday card!).

By hitting a farmers’ market

Why? Because there’s no better time of year to eat local. Reduce the impact of your food purchases by buying produce that didn’t need a lift here from Ecuador, and get in on your local farmers’ delicious fall bounty while you do. Stock up on squashes, sweet potatoes and other long-storing veg for hearty soups and stews that hit the spot on cooler nights.

Halloween costumes

Why? In my household, Halloween costumes are decided upon on November 1st of the preceding Halloween. But there can be occasional snags in the planning that requires a last-minute option. Or maybe you’re a spoilsport (also me) who hates getting dressed up but really needs to pull something together. If you’ve lost your Halloween mojo thanks to the pandemic and also reluctance to bring more candy into the house, these easy, last-minute Halloween costume ideas can help you get into the spirit.

Trick or Treating Guide to Halloween - SavvyMom

Trick or Treat!

Why? Kids would definitely say that Halloween is the most magical time of the year — that it leads into Christmas makes it even more special. Our Savvy Guide to Halloween is full of tips and tricks to ensure your trick or treaters have a fun and scary (but not too scary) Halloween.


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