The Savvy Guide to September

SavvyMom March 31, 2016

Not every mom has school age children, so the term ‘back to school’ doesn’t always apply.

At SavvyMom, we refer to this season as ‘Back to Reality’ because whatever your kids’ age and stage of life, there is a schedule out there you need to return to. The weather is turning, your closets need re-organizing, you have serious plans with your gym and (sigh), there is a longer stretch to go before the next long weekend.

Here’s the Savvy Guide to September to help smooth your transition.

On a nature walk.
You can collect some last treasures from the summer and start looking for some new ones for fall. Share the names of trees with the kids, show baby the blue sky and the green grass, see if you can spot two squirrels or five kinds of birds, look for something fuzzy ands something smooth, or just enjoy the last of the warm air.

Create a Command Centre for your home.
Why? Because then all schedules, messages, school/program info, and phone numbers can be accessed by caregivers, dads or other family members who need them. We like a binder with tabs but use whatever filing system works for your family.

A hair cut (even you, Mom.)
Why? Because everyone likes to start the season off fresh (just don’t cut off all those good natural highlights!).

‘School’ at home with your kids. You be the student and let them be the teacher.
Why? You will find out a lot more about what goes on in the classroom that way. If they are not in school, they will enjoy it even more! Don’t forget to raise your hand.

Take the whole family on a Journey into the Jungle Scavenger Hunt at the Toronto Zoo on Sunday, September 17th.
Why? Because proceeds from this fun-filled family day will support the liver transplant program at SickKids. Not to mention Max and Ruby will be there, as well as lots of fun activities and loot bags!

See, it’s going to be ok.

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