3 Easy Easter Table Décor Ideas

Easy Easter Table Decor - SavvyMom

I’m digging deep into the SavvyMom archives to bring you three Easter table décor ideas.

These are three of my favourite ideas I’ve come up with over the years, and continue to use them for my own holiday decorating, year after year.

3 Easy Easter Table Décor Ideas

Basket Weave Tablecloth - SavvyMom

Basket Weave Tablecloth

The basket weave tablecloth delights everyone who sees it, and it couldn’t be easier to make. Pop into the dollar store and pick up three rolls of pastel-coloured streamers and you’re all set. I’m doing it this year for Easter brunch, and if you decide to do the same your kids will love it; they’ll feel as though they’re sitting inside their very own Easter basket. Here’s how to make it:

You’ll Need:

  • 1 white or neutral tablecloth
  • 3 rolls streamers in assorted colours

How to Make:

  1. Cover the table with the white tablecloth.
  1. Unwrap the streamers and, alternating colours, lay out parallel strips down the long sides of the table, spacing the streamers about 3” apart.
  1. Fold back every other strip to the middle of the table and place a strip of streamer perpendicular to the parallel strips in the middle of the table. Unfold the parallel strips over the perpendicular strip.
  1. Take the parallel strips that are underneath the perpendicular strips (the ones that you didn’t fold back the first time) and bring them back to the perpendicular strip. Lay a second strip of streamer perpendicular, placing it about 3” apart from the first strip. Unfold the parallel strips over the second perpendicular streamer.
  1. Continue this process until you’ve created a basket weave pattern over the entire surface of the table.
  1. Tape the ends of the streamers to the underside of the table to secure in place.

Bunny Ears Folded Napkin

The bunny ears napkin is versatile and looks great when made with a large cotton napkin and stuffed into a wine glass or water goblet. It also works with colourful paper napkins and cups if you want to make them for the kids.

It can be as sophisticated or as simple as you like, and the step-by-step directions (with photos) can be found HERE.

Easter Shredded Grass Everywhere!

Lastly, another super simple idea is to cover baskets, bowls, and platters with faux shredded grass before filling with food. It looks so festive and takes very little effort.

For example, instead of lining your bread basket with a linen, use faux grass in its place. You can also use it to cover a platter before you add a few jars of mustard and other condiments for your meal, tuck it in and around candle holders, and even pop a few pieces into egg cups if you’re serving hard boiled eggs for breakfast or brunch.

Have you started thinking about your Easter table yet? How are you decorating this year?


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