To You, With Love

SavvyMom January 31, 2017

Roses are red
And violets are blue.
Valentine’s Day’s coming!
Oh, what should we do?

Don’t plan to dine out
On Love’s special day.
Our ideas for fab food
Leave more time for play (wink).

Need to feel sexy?
Not been to the gym?
SitFit will reshape you.
Think Saxx for him.

The kids need a treat
To give friends at school.
Our green party supplier
Will help them stay cool.

From Grandma to Auntie,
Got cards to be mailed?
Use that art on your fridge,
And you’ve got it nailed.

What’s love without treats
To show them you care?
From cookies to chocolates,
We’ve steered you there.

Now sit back and smile
‘Cuz you’ve planned ahead.
With tips from SavvyMom,
You’ll be in good stead.

And as for you,
We wish you the best
And hope your beloved
Takes care of the rest.

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