Top 10 Nursery Essentials

Top 10 Nursery EssentialsIf you buy nothing else, make sure you have these top 10 nursery essentials.
1) Baby Carrier – Most of the time, having two hands just isn’t enough. A baby carrier solves this problem, making it easy to hold what you need while baby stays asleep and close enough to feel mom. While growing extra limbs might sometimes seem like a great idea, we think a baby carrier is the next best thing.

2) Bathtub – Taking a bath can be the most relaxing activity in a mom’s day (or week). But giving her baby a bath is decidedly less peaceful. The Boon bathtub changes that, making bathing less of a chore with its colourful design and easy fold up option that makes storage hassle-free.

3) Glider – Sometimes the things we like most can be good for baby too. The glider is a classic case of comfortable furniture with moms in mind that babies can’t help but love. Once it’s no longer needed in the nursery, it transitions well into living room furniture with styles ranging from wood finish to fabric, making it fit in any type of décor.

4) Convertible Crib – Now might not be the best time to buy that convertible you’ve always dreamed of (they don’t tend to be car-seat compatible). But how about a convertible crib? Accommodating your baby through the many stages of growth, find one that converts all the way to a double bed to save you money in the long run (another thing that convertible car could never do).

5) Swing – Mom’s touch can never be replaced by machinery, but for those nights when you wish someone would rock you to sleep, put your little one in a swing. Featuring multiple settings, the realistic swaying motions will have baby asleep in no time (so you can go to bed too).

6) Humidifier – Humidity might be bad for your hair but it’s great for easy breathing. Humidifiers come in fun styles that will look great in a nursery and make for healthy little lungs.

7) Monitor – In 1984 Big Brother seemed like a threat but in your house you wish you could learn from some of his tactics. Keep an eye on baby from anywhere in the house with a monitor. The 21st century has given us the gift of digital and video options, so you get a clearer image of what your little one is up to at all times.

8) Food Prep System – Nutrition is one of the most important aspects a savvy mom thinks about, so healthy options are always on her mind. Steamers are a great tool to have for sanitation and food prep, giving mom an easy way to make a baby-friendly meal or snack rich in the vitamins and minerals that growing children need.

9) Travel System – Travelling the world may have been what you did before you had kids, but now travelling anywhere can be as much of an adventure. Purchase your car seat and stroller together to save time and money. Some of your options will include a convertible seat, taking baby from infant to toddler stages with coordinating parts. Whoever said your adventure days were over didn’t know this kind of voyage.

10) Layettes and Blankets – Keeping warm in the cooler months may be hard to imagine in the middle of summer, but that time will be upon us before we know it. Layettes and blankets keep you cozy when it cools down and Carter’s brand of cute designs will take your baby from chilly to chillin’ in no time.

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