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10 Cool Classes for Moms

Crafting Mom Class

During this time of new beginnings and kids’ activities, why not take a moment to remember that we as parents have interests and passions too? Sign up for a workshop, club, or activity that allows you to develop those interests while bonding with…wait for it… other adults! Read on for some of the clubs you may not have realized were waiting for you.

For the HGTV Obsessed
Itching to start (or finish) a DIY decorating project? Whether you’re looking to make an ottoman or re-upholster a chair with great lines, re:style studio at Dupont and Ossignton will guide you through the process with their monthly selection of core workshops (think ‘Make Your Own Upholstered Headboard’). Sarah Richardson, here we come…

A Strand of Purls
Fall is the perfect time to learn how to knit a scarf or a sweater, and the ‘busywork’ is oddly soothing for our oft-scattered minds. Conversation flows naturally and the skill could become a lifelong hobby thanks to places like The Knit Cafe in Roncey.

There’s something for everyone in our fair city. Check out all of our Cool Classes for Moms in Toronto.



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