A Perfect Mother’s Day


Dear Darling,
I’€™ve left you this not because you can’t handle making Mother’€™s Day special on your own, but because this year I’€™d love something other than the ‘€˜gift of time spent with the kids’€™’€¦at the zoo’€¦while you golf.

So here is a description of my dream day’€¦aspirational, perhaps. I’€™ll take any one of the below (nail polish included).

9:00 am ‘€“ Wake up in a luxury hotel room, The Hazleton Hotel, for example. A night devoid of snores, sniffles and children’€™s coughs means I’€™ve had 10 solid hours of sleep. Room service and breakfast the next morning while watching Bridesmaids 2 (hey, it’€™s my fantasy) would be pure luxury.

10:30 am ‘€“ I squeal with glee as I put on the new outfit delivered from Jonathan & Olivia. No time for extra vanity though, I’€™m off to Tips Nail Bar for a manicure, bringing my newest fave nail colour from Deborah Lippman that you ordered ahead of time and packed in my bag.

11:30 am ‘€“ Meet you and the kids at the corner of Avenue and Bloor, where we rent BIXI Bikes and ride to Live Food Bar for lunch. The entire family eats mouth-watering kale entrees and chickpea fries without complaint. (Yes, including you.)

1:30 pm ‘€“ Apres lunch, feeling lean and green, I head solo to stretch it to the limit in a Michael DeCorte class at 889 Yoga.

2:30 pm ‘€“ Did I just kiss the receptionist? Yes, I did. You would too if you were checking in for an Indian head massage at the Windsor Arms.

4:30 pm ‘€“ Catch up with my besties on a sunny walk along the beach boardwalk where I gift them with a Suetables ‘Tracy Wishbone’ necklace. What better way to honour the power of mothers than supporting one in our own community?

6:00 pm ‘€“ I head home for cuddles and kisses with the cutest kids ever and appreciate sweet custom-crafted ‘€˜I love mommy’€™ messages made at ArtBarn. The sitter arrives’€”the one YOU booked’€”and we’€™re off to dine at Colborne Lane.

9:00 pm ‘€“ Since it’€™s been a hotel hopping sort of day, we end it with drinks at DEQ. And while the Ritz is really nice, there’€™s no place like home, so we head back to ours, kiss our sleeping kids and hop into bed.

And people say mothers are hard to please. Tested by Alison R., Toronto


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