An Awesome Way to Spend the Day

SavvyMom March 31, 2016

Stay the day at this cafe. Find out more.

Stop us if you’ve heard this story before.

It’s rainy, cold and way too early. Getting everyone in your house through the day (or next ten minutes) seems like an eternity.

Take a little inspiration from one of our favourite Dr. Seuss books and head to RedFish BlueFish Creative Cafe. It’s a much-needed, child-friendly hangout where the locally roasted coffee is habit-forming, the food is fabulous and the kids clamour to go inside.

You’ll likely even find the time to savour that cup of Joe (the kids will want a Fluffy—warm steamed milk topped with sprinkles), while falling in love with motherhood all over again. Why? Because those bored, somewhat irritable and grumpy children you left home with have been transformed, as they happily create works of art thanks to the always-open drop-in craft space on the main floor of RedFish BlueFish. The space comes fully stocked with feathers, pipe cleaners, sparkly glue and googly eyes of all different shapes and colours. The craft space is free to all.

This fall, the cafe began offering programs for kids in art, yoga, music and more by partnering with some of the most creative groups in town, including Wholeplay, Suitcase Theatre, Art with Mike and Daria and The Fashion Academy. Depending on the program, kids of any age from babes right on up to middle-schoolers can sign up for the fun.

Say, would Dr. Seuss approve of RedFish BlueFish Creative Cafe?

Why yes, what an awesome way to spend part of the day. 

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