Cool Coffee Houses


We love coffee and the cafe culture. But sometimes we crave something far from the franchise crowd—a place with personality. These three new coffee shops are unique and each specialize in a little something something.
Rachel’s Coffee House
This new Yonge and Manor coffee house is named after the owner’s daughter with the philosophy that they don’t sell anything that they wouldn’t serve to her (except the coffee, of course). This translates into amazingly-fresh baked goods and pastries, some made in-house and others locally sourced, along with fine fresh coffee beans. Savvy factor: Croissants baked in-house.

Playful GroundsPlayful Grounds
A coffee house that truly welcomes and accommodates kids? Awesome. From the extensive play area to a menu that includes Gryfe’s bagels with almond butter and steamed organic milk with a flavour shot for the kids, we can happily while away a whole morning here en famille. Savvy factor: An impressive lineup of parenting/special interest seminars.

Tori's Bakeshop
Tori’s Bakeshop
The decor is pretty, pistachio and appealing in this new addition to the Beach. In fact, we’re so entranced we forget this is an all-vegan cafe. Black currant tea and coffee with soy milk go well with a homemade breakfast treat that’s a cross between carrot cake and an oatmeal cookie. Savvy factor: Lots of fantastic gluten-free options.

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Tested by Janice Q., Toronto


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