Frozen Treat Smackdown


Now that Canada Day has passed and the summer is officially here, it’€™s time to delve deeper into a topic close to our hearts’€”frozen treats.
We’ve long experienced the delicacy known as frozen custard second-hand via novels set in US beach towns, but we’ve missed out on tasting it ourselves. And even when Toronto’€™s very first outpost, Jedd’€™s Frozen Custard, opened at Yonge and Eglinton, we still were remiss in sampling, putting it off for another day. Well that day has come, and frozen custard is as delicious as we always imagined.

It begins like soft serve, but apparently has less sugar. When the richness of cream and egg yolks hit the taste buds in a sweet fusion that reminds us of our nana’€™s own homemade custard, we’€™re smitten.

We love it on its own, and especially look forward to the variable flavour of the day that joins stalwarts vanilla and chocolate. Our kids are fond of it over waffles (shocking, we know), and the caffeine fiends in our life love a scoop of vanilla doused with a shot of espresso, in true affogato style.

Colour us crazy for custard, but don’t forget about all the other frozen treats Toronto has to offer.

Tested by Janice Q., Toronto


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